2 devices recognized as same device

I have 2 devices in my home that are recognized by Sense as the same device. One is my wife’s hair dryer and the other is a floor steam cleaner. I have the device named as “Hair Dryer” in my sense db and when either device is turned on or off, Sense says the Hair Dryer turned on or off. Should I delete the device and let Sense try again at identifying them separately?

Is this a new detection? I had a similar problem with my stove and dryer. If it is, what I would do is when Sense thinks the hair dryer is on, but it’s actually the steam cleaner, go to devices > hair dryer > gear icon > manage > report a problem > device is not on.

You might not notice a change for a while. Just do this whenever you can. After a while, Sense will probably start to learn the differences between the two and create a separate device. That’s what happened with me.

Thanks. I’ll try that.

This is where you want to use the “THIS DEVICE IS NOT ON” button.
Whichever device seems to be better aligned with the detection you would leave alone.
So let’s use the hair dryer. You have it named “hair dryer”.
When you turn the steam cleaner on and Sense says you hair dryer is, go to the device page for the hair dryer, click settings in upper right corner, scroll down to “report a problem”, then click “this device is not on”.
You’ll ha e to perform this action 3 to 5 times in order for Sense to start realizing it’s not the same device.

Oops, @ixu and I answered at the same time.

Both thinking the same thing though. That’s a plus! :slight_smile: Thanks. I’ll try it.