Best Practice - Unrelated devices identified as one device


Another question about best practices for when Sense detects a new device but several unrelated appliances/devices trigger activity on the new device.
Case in point, I had a new heat device (Heat 4) detected occasionally when my laser printer ran a calibration cycle. A couple days later I ran my dishwasher and Heat 4 started and stopped repeatedly. Then the next day my wife was blow drying her hair and again Heat 4 showed up as cycling on and off in cadence with her blow dryer. What is the best practice to get Sense to recognize the device as separate devices:

  • Report that the device is not on – assuming that you already edited the specifics for the new device to one you know was correct
  • Report that the device is not on – hoping that Sense will be “forced” to see this is another new device with similar signatures.
  • Attempt to run the detected devices at the same time so Sense sees that there are multiple devices instead of one
  • Delete the device to allow Sense to re-learn the devices
  • Leave the new device alone and let Sense continue to collect inaccurate data lumped under one device

*Side note: These best practices should be in the device detection FAQ as I have seen multiple posts on this topic and my previous post about the opposite phenomenon – one device identified as separate devices.


Sense will eventually either figure it out, or you can delete the device if it’s not improving over a month or so.


After a few weeks I deleted the unknown devices and no devices have been discovered since. I’m wondering if deleting the devices ‘stalled’ the discovery process?

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