Suddenly only detects half of the baseboard heaters



Sense picked the baseboard heaters pretty quickly and it was doing a good job with it, but suddenly, one day is started detecting only half. What I mean is that it still detects the baseboard is on, but half of the power is identified as the baseboard and the other half is ‘other’

Will it eventually detect that this ‘other’ is in fact the baseboard heater?

It was giving good data about the monthly use, but now it is all screwed up. :frowning:



How long has it been just detecting half? Only a day or so? Or much longer?


Since Saturday 29th around 11am. And it had been working fine for 2 weeks before that, when it first detected it.


And as of this weekend is not detecting the baseboard heater. Should I delete it and let it detect it again?


In this case, that’s what I would do. But you might want to write into Support as they can actually take a look at your data and make a better suggestion.


Thanks, I just wrote to them.