Baseboard heaters

I have had the sense monitor continuously active for a week now. It has discovered just one appliance, a fridge. I’m anxious to see more appliances and devices show up. The entire house is heated by a variety of baseboard heaters from 500 watts to 1,500 watts. I do have a couple of ceramic space heaters in the basement. I was wondering if Sense will detect individual heaters.


I’m in the same boat. I have baseboard heating and two space heaters. I’ve had Sense for a 6 month now and hasn’t detected my space heater. I just started using my heating unit, so I going to give it a few months for it to detect.

I recently bought a KASA KP-115 to monitor the space heater. Works like a charm if you don’t have the patience.

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Hi slac101, thanks for the advice on the space heater. If Sense doesn’t pick it up I will have to invest in a smart plug. In the meantime for the baseboard heaters I have them all on smart thermostats by Mysa ( They track and provide energy usage which I manually apply in a spreadsheet. I have asked the Sense folk to consider adding this device into their inventory of integration. I’m hopeful they will.