Smart line-voltage thermostats and baseboard heater detection

Is anyone else on here using MYSA or similar line-voltage smart thermostats? Has it changed or improved device detection?

What about baseboard heaters detection?

11 days into using SENSE.
5 days into using three MYSA.

Since installing MYSA, Ive started getting anomalous ‘heat’ device detections in the middle of the night. Different signatures for each, and the only see a few minutes of use at most. These could only be Baseboard heaters.

Baseboard heat takes up around 60% of my energy bill and most of this is from the winter months. I just started using three MYSA thermostats to cover the largest part of my home. It appears that they’re already making a huge impact given the automation, that they work in symphony, and how they appear to ‘pulse’ heat spaces intelligently VS. ‘dumb’ thermostats that just draw excessive current and go over their temperature threshold frequently.

The humidity sensors in the MYSA have also turned out to be valuable. I’ve started running a humidifier every 2nd day to get it up from the low 30% range to 45-55% range. This has generally improved the comfort of my home and seems to be helping heat retention to some extent.

Don’t have Mysa (yet), but have 4 in-floor NuHeat “coils” hooked to 4 NuHeat Signature thermostats. Sense has detected a couple of the heating elements/thermostats, though detections are not 100%. Sense often detects the larger one of the two detected as my Dryer, though that’s probably not helped by me replacing my last electric dryer with a new one about 2 weeks. Ago. I probably should delete both Heat 3 and my Dryer and have them start over again…

One question on the the Mysas and your baseboard heating - I have an apartment building that still has Intermec electric oil baseboard heater from 1979. 6 separate thermostats for each floor of two units.

The associated ancient mechanical thermostat handles up to 4800W. I can’t find info on the max usage of my actual baseboard units because there is a part number label affixed over each heater’s spec plate. I know the Mysa’s handle up to 3800W. Any thoughts on whether I can use a Mysa in place of the current 6 thermostats. The other solution is Ecobees with a relay, but much more expensive, and I would have to tear up some drywall to install.

And the breakers the heaters are on don’t give you any indication?

15A @ 240V would imply the MYSAs would be fine (16A max) … but I’m guessing your breakers are bigger? Can you get a meter on the circuit?