Mysa baseboard electric heat thermostats

I purchased the Mysa thermostats a little over two months ago. They are perfect for what I need to control the amount of energy we are wasting on heat. I have set up zones and schedules that suit our lifestyle. It has geofencing so that when there are no occupants in the house the heaters are either setback or turned off, your choice.

The thermostats work with Alexia, Apple HomeKit and Google assistant.

It has helped me shave nearly $200 off my utility bill in the two months since I have them installed. I am able to calculate these savings when I compared this past two months usage with my twelve years of record keeping of our energy usage and also factoring in the Degree Day variable.

My only draw back is that I have to interrogate each thermostat individually (all 17 of them) to record the energy used then roll it into my spreadsheet. It would be fantastic if the Sense folk could integrate these thermostats into the Sense monitoring app.

Sense has not found my entire inventory of baseboard heaters, out of the 17 it has found 3. The 3 that it has found are confused with other baseboard heaters that are exactly the same. For instance I have three 2000W, three 1750W, two 1250W, two 1000W, three 750 W and four 500W. I get notification when the heater is on and when I check with my Mysa app its a different heater entirely.

The company link is


How many separate circuits feed those heaters? If only 2, or if you can bundle them somehow, you can get the 2 CTs and monitor them individually via DCMs. Of course, it’s not free and will set you back $50.00 … but worth it in the long run.

Thank you for your suggestions. The heaters are on 7 different circuits.

I have purchased the extra CT’s and have them installed and hopefully monitoring the hot water tank and the range top. Hopefully monitoring it, I made a mistake and enabled the Solar and not the DCM, I’m now awaiting the Sense support folk to bail me out by disabling the Solar so I can enable the DCM.