I really wish it worked better

I’ve had Sense for about a year. On the whole I would say its not been worth it.

It is accurate in that it matches up with what my power company says I’m using. But it really hasn’t been helpful identifying what is actually using all my power.

I have a fairly new (5 years old) heat pump. Multi-stage for AC and heat, electric backup, variable speed motor. I have AC and AC2 which might be accurate, but I have nothing that consistently detected my heat pump usage over the winter. I’ve got Heat Pump, but its missing a lot of data, and I have heat 3 and heat 5 but they have no data. I have a lot of always on usage, but in a year it hasn’t been helpful determining what they are. It has detected water heater and water heater 2 but that data is 99% missing.

I think the concept is fantastic, and the added enhancements (in the app and on the web site) I can’t say enough about. But they are useless without good data.

I have a dual-oven with a 5-burner stovetop, 2 burners have multiple size selectors (all electric). Not only has Sense not detected all of them consistently, it would really be great to bundle them together - 99% of the time I just want to know how much my oven/stove costs me to run a month, you know?

My electric bill is about $300/month and I’d love to look into lowering consumption but really the data hasn’t been of any help. This week temperatures are in the 90’s and i’d love to run my AC at multiple temperatures and see how much I would actually save by keeping the house a little warmer. I’d really like to know what are the big 5-10 usage devices. Haven’t really been able to do any of this unfortunately.