I'm not done with Sense in the least

I have seen quite a bit of “sense whining” but we have been using sense for a little over a month and I could not be more pleased with the product. Absolutely love it. Just for what it has done so far, it has gone well beyond what we paid for it. It has not found my variable speed upstairs HVAC but guess what, I don’t care. Who cares? I sat down tonight and compared my daily energy bill (bar chart) to the daily sense data (bar chart) and it was a perfect fit with the exception of about 0.2 kwh per day. Sense also surprised me by disclosing to me the amount that I was spending for these 6 indoor floods in my basement office that I no longer use (270 kwh) thanks to sense. It also has showed me just how much an electric clothes dryer uses - sort of like a teenager with a huge prepaid visa card. The app and online interface are golden. I think you hit it out of the park. I recommend this product for everyone. For the little amount it costs, you will reap rewards in knowledge FAR beyond your outlay. Great work guys.

The interface for the phone and web is perfect


Agreed, I may bitch on this site a lot, but it’s with love. Trying to get the bad things ironed out of the experience. I cannot get over how responsive the apps are and you can run them on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac all at the same time and it shows the same data. Very nice. Even if it never identified a single device the way it shows my usage contrasted with my generation is very useful for knowing when to run appliances. And it let me FINALLY identify my breakers when I first installed it. Very nice.


Thanks for the love and support. Your experience is definitely not uncommon and it’s always great to hear of peoples’ success with Sense.


Slightly orthogonal finding here: @andreaed you seem to be one of several in the Community to sight 6 (six) bulbs as being a Sense find!

Statistically speaking (small sample size; 6 in disproportion) I would say you are doing a shout-out to all those Sense users with 6 bulbs in series to act now!

Orthogonal-to-the-orthogonal: What’s up with that and will this make its way into the ML? :wink:

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I have my share of complaints at times but the benefits far exceed the problems.


Glad to hear the product has worked out to your benefit so far. Many of us were enamored the first couple months as Sense did it’s job discovering numerous devices around our home. I would love to see your progress as time moves on and hope you continue with such enthusiasm. Sadly, many of us are not as confident months and years into this journey — oddly it seems to recently be more prolific.

Many of us are still confident and happy with our purchase, I am at 2 years into ownership! Please be negative in the other thread.


I would like to think it was more of a cautiously optimistic response, but to each their own. I am also a user of over two years and have yet to make my own “trash sense” post, but I have noticed the increase in them as of late. With that said, best of luck as we are still in this together.

Why it’s considered “trashing” Sense when people share their experience that isn’t as good as others makes no Sense to me. It seems if not praising everything about the monitor, people are attacked or minimized.
Why such defensiveness?

While Sense is my favorite electronic device (more so than my Apple products), it’s still far from perfect.
The criticism is more than an avenue to complain but also serves where real world users would like to see improvements.

From our perspective, we love praise and we love criticism. Both help us grow in the long term. That said, there’s a difference between “this is dumb!” and “If you guys did X it would really help me to do Y” or “I bought this to do X because your marketing showed X but it doesn’t do it.” Constructive criticism is ultimately more helpful and will likely engender more positive discussion here.

In any case, no one should be bashing anyone here over their opinions. If you feel that someone is violating our Community Guidelines, flag it and I will handle it.

Let’s not let this thread devolve into a debate.


Agree I’ve had this for the past year I’ve learned a lot about my usage, but my only complaint would be that I have two different panels and use two sense monitors. I would love to see these under one account and not over two apart from that I love it

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There have been other user also using dual monitors due to multiple panels. Have you made sure that you can’t use just one?
If both of your panels are fed from a single meter then the likelihood of using a single Sense is very high.