6 Months with Sense

The numbers are in. I’ll give credit to Sense for lower usage. Sense provided awareness, the nudge that forced some common sense changes like stop leaving the driveway lights on from dusk til dawn (6- 60 watt candleabra bulbs 10-12 hours per day),some alerts on other things,etc. The utility company only provides data for the last 3 years but I’ve never had an electric bill under $100 in that time period until the Sense era.


Congratulations on a job well-done!

Interesting. I’m inspired to do something similar now.

Awesome to see. Thanks for sharing!

Nice! I enjoy hearing about these type of stories with Sense users. I was rather tuned in to my usage before sense, but now that I have it installed, that has kicked up a notch. I am looking forward to my results after a few months (I have about 5 weeks with Sense under my belt thus far).

Nice table.

Looking at what I assume is near peak air con usage in August and the average temps; and similarly, the cold weather peaks; wondering about the correlation between usage and average temperatures pre and post-Sense.

In NYC with ConEdison the rates vary significantly enough month-to-month & year-to-year that the usage is a better indicator than cost unless the $/kWhr is factored in.

ConEd base electrical rates going up 4.2% next year; gas rates will rise by 7.5%.

The realtime load & pricing data is pretty mesmerizing – Sense that!

Given the approaching end of 2019, it’s the best time for a reflective look at the actual impact of my installed Sense monitor! My initial installation date was January 2018 and my “Always On” value is now stable within the (84-89 kWh) range.

I leveraged historical online energy bills to identify actualized usage values, encompassing December 2017 through present. My monthly Sense reports (Hyperlink).

I’m extremely happy with my outcome!

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I’m guessing the Sense Energy Monitor hit the consumer market around September 2017, prior to my January 02, 2018 (non-solar) installation date. Before entering my 3rd year, I wanted to share my actual outcome, regarding energy reduction.

Outcome: Annual reduction of 25.59%

Actions Taken: Sense made visible each of my major energy consumption devices. affording changes in daily routines & habits.

Home Description: I have a standard 3k sqft (finished living-space) dual-occupant home, with all of the standard appliances - running all of the standard times. Overhead lighting are standard bulbs, however, LED bulbs are in all lamps and low-hanging fixtures. I’ve maintained the same appliances, throughout the entire period.

Actual kWh: The associated chart contains monthly kWh usage details, sourced from actual energy bills.