9 months with Sense....Still Happy I Purchased

Installed Sense in June of 2019. It has paid for itself and is still a source of information. There are a number of factors that impacted these results but significantly lower electric bills just didn’t magically happen. Sense provides the information, you just need to act on it. In some cases it is as simple making sure to turn things off.
9 months with Sense comparing the utility bills with Sense installed to the prior year a savings of $419.
First 3 months of 2020 - Savings of $145- I am actually surprised by that amount.
I know how I rave about this to my wife basically falls on deaf ears but she came home one day and asked “What’s that thing you have that keeps track of electricity?” Guess her co-worker had some type of problem that went unnoticed and became a major problem- it was the exact type of issue Sense could have identified.


These are great numbers, @powens001.This would be a great story to submit to Sense Saves. We gather user stories and would love to see this added.

I recently submitted a Sense Saves story about LED lights that hasn’t been posted yet…

I think this is your submission, @powens001.

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That is the one!

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I’m amazed at how much our electricity usage has been reduced with minimal effort. The family and myself do little things not based on me harping are them or spending the countless hours monitoring Sense like I did in the beginning.
We have all made behavioral changes that we don’t even think about. Things like taking shorter showers, turning off lights and other really simple things.