One Month with Sense

Installed my Sense on June 7,2019. It has detected 17 devices. I am happy I purchased Sense and not disappointed in the device performance because I read reviews and comments, etc before purchasing to set my expectations. I also had more confidence in the install because just prior to purchasing I installed a generator transfer switch. If it wasn’t for the transfer switch install I probably would not have purchased a Sense because I would not open the breaker panel or pay and electrician. Having pictures of the inside of the panel and watching an install video confirmed it was something I could so safely. There’s also a “This Old House” video about Sense that was a good selling point.
I look at Sense for what it is and what is trying to do, I believe the Sense team is staying the course on their vision and working to constantly improve, it’s not going to detect 100% of devices, it has it’s quirks but it is still a very informative application.
Looking at the energy usage there were many things I never knew before purchasing Sense. My fridge runs between 10 and 12 hours a day,
I didn’t buy Sense thinking it will pay for itself. Over a few years it probably will by giving information that changes behavior or helps influence energy conscious decisions. Example- the 2 lights outside garage have 3 candle type bulbs in each one. If the kids were coming home late we’d just leave those lights on all night and turn off in the morning (usually when you pull out of the garage and see they are on.). I turned them on a the usage meter spiked-that’s 6 x 60w bulbs running for 11-12 hours. Not anymore…have a Kasa smart switch I picked up on clearance someplace for $15. Those lights, if turned on will always shut off at 1am. Maybe it’s break even buying the switch, but now that switch can be controlled from an app or Google Home for convenience.


Thanks for the kind words. I never stop enjoying reading others’ success stories.

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