1 Month in helped make me aware

Fantastic product. Some minor hick-ups with device detection but i’ve learned to just step back and let it do it’s thing. We moved into our new home and got hit with a $440 electric bill our 1st month in. it was a punch in the gut for sure. I immediately knew some lifestyle changes were needed between me,my wife and 5 year old daughter. Mainly I just needed to be aware of what was being used and where to focus 1st. Long story short,I just opened our 1 month in with sense electric bill. We went from 2808kWh(before sense) to 1,756kWh(1 month with sense) our 2nd bill is $272.00! The great thing is we didnt really sacrifice comfort so much. Mainly getting our 2 AC’s in check and being realistic with this 100 degree Central Florida summer. Changing all the vanity bulbs to LED. I was shocked to see the bulbs in our bathrooms using like 600kWh per hour! Yikes. and the fans constantly left on on the back porch were using ~250kWh per hour… Kitchen bulbs,yup…changed those too…Turtle tank heat lamps…yup…turtle found a new home with my kids friend…Let them spend the money on those bulbs… Anyways…great product. It really opened my eyes to how we use electricity in our home.


That’s awesome to hear. Thanks for sharing your story!

If you feel so inclined, sensesaves.sense.com is a repository site where users share their stories and savings in a more purpose-built platform. Feel free to share some of these over there as well! We’re actually running a little sweepstakes there at the moment where every story enters you to win a $25 Amazon gift card (good for getting a smart plug!)