How Sense has helped me save

Sense has been one of the best addons that I have done to my house and I like that I can see the savings that I’ve made since I’ve installed this wonderful device. I have been trying to talk my brother into installing one in his house but he keeps telling me he wont because of the price. Since installing in my house this device has payed for itself in the almost two years that I’ve owned it. I moved into my house in December 2016 and unfortunately I don’t have my power bills from back then BUT I was able to collect my usage data from March 2018 to January 2019 which is pre Sense and then put it in an excel file along with the usage date post Sense and my power usage has been steadily going down. When I first moved into my house I was paying almost $300 a month on my electric bill and its been slowly going down and now my average monthly bill just dropped again a month ago to $100. The electric company that I use has a option called budget billing that takes your average usage from the past 12 months and calculates your bill off of that. I’ve been extremely happy with my Sense and I think its helped me create some better habits in my life with my energy usage.


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Have you tried:

“Bro, I will buy you a Sense with the money I’ve saved and then when you start saving you can pay me back”.

I know that’s not always realistic but in the real world of energy saving it seems like it’s a model that can work … especially if you amortize over a few years. Sealed seems to work that way. I don’t fully trust their model (it’s a for-profit entity) or the mechanics of their business, but if you go into an arrangement with your brother not necessarily seeking profit then it’s hard to argue against.

And hey, if there’s profit you can get the Sense Pyramid Scheme rolling!