Sense just saved me some money

Sense just saved me some money. I have been in my home a little over a month now, and have had Sense running for about two weeks. Yesterday I noticed power consumption was very high, but could not figure out why. Was going to blame my wife for leaving the oven on after baking some cookies, but when I checked it was off. So I had no clue what was running, but it was around 5,000 watts. After checking such things as the water heater and hot tub I went out and found the heat pump for the pool was running. No reason for it to run at this time of year - well actually in North FL I might run it if I had endless money :slight_smile: Seems the pool finally cooled off enough to demand it run. Went out and killed the breaker. If it was not for Sense it is possible this power hog might have run all winter.


Or run until your next bill when you spotted high usage. At least you were able to shut it off before too much time passed.

Another success story because of using Sense.

Great story.

In a totally unrelated story, I have to laugh at all the Florida people who say “it’s too cold to use the pool”. My pool is literally frozen solid right now and will be until April.

I have a local friend in Florida right now for the winter who says the temp right now is what would be the equivalent of a warm summers evening here in the Summer. In other words, Canadian pool weather.

Oh how the perspectives can change depending on your location. If I lived in FL my pool would be in use 365 days a year. :wink:


I moved here a few months ago from New Jersey, and felt the same thing - I would use the pool all year. Well you really don’t feel like using the pool when it is between 30-50 degrees. Even if you did, it would cost a bloody fortune to keep warm even with a solar blanket on it. I always stretched mine in NJ opening first week in April and closing mid-October. A lot depends where you are in Florida. If I was in Miami I might use it all year, but even then not sure. Up in the Jacksonville area which is the extreme North East of the state we actually have seasons and it gets cold.

Yikes. Glad Sense was able to help you spot that!