Found one half of Pool Heat Pump


This is actually decent news. Started heating the pool, and Sense managed to identify part of the load.

  1. Set heat pump to heat mode
  2. Increased speed of pool pump to activate Heat Pump. (Sense does not see the variable speed pool pump).
  3. Heat Pump fan turned on. (Sense does not see the fan motor)
  4. 4 minutes later the compressor activates, and Sense managed to detect 1/2 of the 220v load. The other half is still in “Unknown”

AquaCal TropiCal T135 Pool Heat Pump

Starting to get good production from my Solar system, so it is time to heat the pool.

Will be running it from 10:00 in the morning for 6 hours a day. Expect it to take a week or two to get the pool to swimming temperature.

Remains to be seen if Sense can identify the Pool Pump, Heat Pump Fan, and the other half of the compressor load.

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