Saved my pool

So a couple nights ago I was sitting in my house and my sense popped up a message that “Pool Pump turned on”. I thought that it was weird since the pool pump had been off for weeks. I actually thought it had mis-read the power signature and thought it was probably the jacuzzi pump.

A few minutes later I decided to double check to make sure there wasn’t an issue. When I walked outside I was immediately greeted with the pump pumping the pool to WASTE and filing the yard. Fortunately it had only been running about 5 minutes and was no big deal. Turns out my new pump system on my pool had a “freeze setting” and decided to turn on to avoid freezing . I didn’t know about this and had not reset the pump to circulate.

Had sense not told me, I would have awaken the next morning to a very large mess, probably a ruined $4k liner and possibly a burned up pump.

Thanks sense!


The couple of times Sense saved me a headache, I tried to convince myself it was wrong.

Chalk it up to a few months of misidentification :wink:

Thanks for sharing @mpacker99!

Must be nice to ACTUALLY have (non)Sense ID your pool pump in the first place. I have had mine over a year and it still has not ID’d mine, my range, my much of anything… Maybe Mine’s BROKE??

Is your pump variable speed? Mine isn’t

My pump also kicks off and on twice per day, it doesn’t stay running 24x7

Just wondering if those are the differences. Mine is actually going through three breaker boxes

Mine is in the same panel. I have tried turning it on and off over time. Also long and short times on and off. Seems to make no difference. (NON)Sense has also forgotten my heat pump again. Not really sure what is up with it. Maybe I got a bad one??