My Sense story


So i saw an add on Facebook about 2 or 3 months ago and it kinda got my attention but i didn’t pay it any mind but after seeing it a few times after scrolling through my Facebook feed i decided to watch the add and I can say I am glad I did and over the past month of use I can say I am completely happy with my purchase and would absolutely purchase this little device again if I could go back and do it over. I’ve never purchased something and gotten this much support from a company and even though there are a few bugs that need to be worked out and its not perfect yet it just shows how much the people at Sense believe in helping out their end users like myself. Anyways I just wanted to put this here for others like me to see and to also say thank you to everyone at Sense for making such an awesome device that much better.


It’s been great to have you, Mike. It’s always fantastic to see such interested new users, not afraid to get their hands dirty.


I installed sense the first week of February and this was on my most recent bill. I can say that this little device has made me more energy conscious.


Sense Saves website material !


Looks like you e reduced about 25% of last years usage, that’s great! And didn’t you recently add an EV?
I don’t know if you also do this but I compare usage against historical weather comparing average monthly temperatures for a specific month year to year and down to days sometimes. It helps me determine how much is related to our behavior versus a raise or reduction of use because of heating cost.
Here is where, just change to your location and can look up virtually any period of time