Thanks Sense



My energy consumption is almost half of what it was in January of last year and my bill is lower than its ever been. For 3,222 sqFT.


What changes did you make as a result of Sense?


I configured a power plan in my computer to go to sleep instead of staying
on 24/7. I also configured it to listen to magic packets so I can turn it
on via VPN if I need to.

I had some fluorescent tubes that stayed on 24/7. I installed a ZWave
switch and automated it so that it would turn off. I also had a couple CFLs
that stayed on 24/7. I changed those to LIFX Led bulbs and they are
automated too.

I stopped using my vanity lights which are 12x incandescent. I’ll soon
change those to LEDs. I have 9x incandescent in 2 other bathrooms which
I’ll convert to LEDs also.

I started using my toaster oven more instead of the big oven since the big
oven uses over 1000watts more to heat up.


I don’t know where you are located, but I know that in New England, the past month of January had the majority of its days with above normal temps. That would make a big difference in your energy bill.


My electric bill has been lower since getting sense as well, which has been fantastic. My natural gas bill has been near triple this time last year, if only there were a sense for other utilities too :wink:


Here’s a 3 year comparison. My bill is almost half of what it was last year this time.