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I just wanted to let people in the Sense community know that my latest blog post, “Living with the Sense Energy Monitor” is being published by the good folks at Residential Tech Today Magazine on their web site. You can find the full article here:

For those interested in my earlier posts on smart home technology, you can find my blog here:

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Thank You @jay.m.basen for another great article
We share a lot of the same experience, especially that frustrating washer with the 30 or so on/off notifications per cycle. I’ve actually put that in the wishlist that they would introduce a lag before reporting off of a set period of time (maybe 30s) before it reports off. For now I guess we live with it. The alternative of not having the detection is much worse in my mind.
This article was a great follow up to your January blog post “ Does an Energy Monitor Really Add Value to a Smart Home?”.
Both are honest pointing out the good and not so good of Sense.
The final line says it all for me.
“ I believe that, over time, the product will get better, and better; offering more features and improved accuracy to its users.”
I think this has been proven already with how the experience has changed from what early adopters started with to what we have today.
I look forward to reading more of your reviews, especially on the Sense monitor and how your experience changes with time.
Thanks again



Thanks @samwooly1



Great, well written article. I too look forward to future updates.


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Thanks @KingAZ



I like your article a lot, and my take is very similar to yours (except yours is much more detailed and sophisticated): Sense is extremely useful in a number of ways, despite the limits of device detection.

And many of the improvements that would make it more useful don’t relate to device detection, e.g. different electric rates and time-of-use pricing, ability to download higher time-resolution data, plotting of loads and voltages of the two phases, improving budgets, improving notifications and alerts, stacked plots by device, and so on.

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Thanks @jlj.pers. Sense does many things well and some not so well. One of its biggest attributes is the active community that is full of ideas to make it better.

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