Long term user perspective

From looking at postings on the forum, it looks like I have been a Sense owner and user for at least 6 years.

Good points:

I added solar panels and Sense solar monitoring about 4 years ago. In general, I have been happy with the overall accuracy of the solar and consumption monitors of the Sense. The overall numbers match well with my utility consumption and solar generation monitoring system.

Detection of simple devices that cycle frequently was quick and accurate. That includes: refrigerators, freezers, and the garage door opener.

Less than good points:

Complex devices don’t seem to ever detect. I have a variable speed well pump that hasn’t been detected in over 5 years. Its current is always changing, but it changes in a predictable fashion. The Sense algorithms haven’t figured it out, and after all these years, I’m not holding my breath.

The detection of complex devices (or lack of detection), has unfortunate ripple effects. My heat pump uses water, so the well pump is running when the heat pump is running. That has affected the ability to detect the heat pump which should be easier to detect. Part of the heat pump has been detected, but only about

My Tesla electric vehicles seemed to detect correctly, but I recently discovered an issue with the Tesla Model S. Sense detects that the Model S is charging, but only records half the energy usage to the device. The Sense app showed the other half of the usage as “Other.” I reached out to Sense support, but their only suggestion was to delete the device and let it redetect. I’m in the middle of that process. All i can do is hope that it works better next time.

Biggest frustration:

After all this time, only about 50% of my usage is characterized. That number has not improved in years. This is largely due to the complex devices in my house that Sense does not seem able to detect and characterize. It is also because it is only capturing half the consumption of an electric vehicle that uses about 17 kWh per day.

I think the Sense device has great promise, but I’m afraid that progress has largely stalled.