Sense with solar- device detection

I have read the section on device detection.
When I first installed sense I only had incoming power without solar. After a month I installed solar. A lot of individuals are having trouble with device detection. I moved the CT’s to a different location . I then added solar. When I move the CT’s the device had to start over on device detection. I find the solar very accurate. I find the device detection accurate . Some are having troubles with device detection. I may offer a solution to this problem. Take your phone with app open and go to devices and see by turning them on one at a time what it’s called. Look for the on signal on app and appropriately name the device if there is a mistake. You can always also see by turning the device off and on the individual component. Give it some time to detect and be patient. I have a large group of always on, fish pumps. So the only way sense can individualize the component is to turn it off, and turn it back on. This will assist those that are having trouble with Sense auto detection . Dirty power coming and will affect sense detection. If that’s a problem then install a large capacitor box on the incoming power to smooth It out and clean up sine wave ( 60hz). i’m using a large KVAR box on both sides of 220 V coming in. Keep in mind this CT’s pick up the good and bad. SENSE has been working great for me. It is wonderful to see when the solar beats out what I’m consuming considering all of the pumps(always on). I’m running here. I hope this helps those who are having troubles finding devices.


@jornbeam1, Can you post a picture of your installed capacitor box and make and model, please?

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