Learned devices stopped working after solar install


Ever since I installed and enabled my solar system several devices are no longer being detected when they turn on or off. I turned on my solar just over a week ago and those particular devices are showing off since then.

Pool pump motor
Garbage disposal
Hot water heater

Will this correct itself or should I delete those devices and hope it re-learns them? Why would installing a solar system cause this?


Good question, I wonder if in general that solar users have poorer device detection.

My hunch is that the added layer of complexity somehow cripples the models - I’ve seen definite and unequivocal differences between detection at night vs during the day vs shoulder periods of rising/falling output. My hot water heater is one of the worst offenders, but my garbage disposal is reliable.


From another thread:[quote=“BenAtSense, post:2, topic:928”]
it’s best to do a reset as a hardware change (ie. adding solar CTs) could affect device detection.

I certainly hope this is something they can work around as I know I plan on adding Solar at some point and the thought that I would have to lose all my data is not a pleasant one. But it does suggest that adding the solar does change the models as NJHaley suggests. I would reach out to Ben or the support team to see if it is a “suggestion” to reset as it will help speed up the re learning, or if you can keep your old data and it may just take longer for the models to be re learned. Unfortunately, my suspicions based of of Ben’s comments in the other threads is that your existing models may be shot.

-Ben T


I was starting to think the same thing. I hate to do a reset now but I probably should have just done one right after the install.

Oh well…back at ground zero!! :sob:

@BenAtSense just to be sure, is that what you would recommend?


@austxchris, I’d reach out to support@sense.com. They’ll be able to look into this!

Solar users shouldn’t have their device detection negatively impacted by having solar. That being said, it is possible that the hardware change (ie. adding a new set of CTs for solar) could have thrown off device detection.

Our technical support team will be able to dig into the data for you and have a more definitive answer. Let me know how it goes!

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