Should I start Sense all over if Adding Solar to existing Sense data?

I have had Sense for half a year…loving it…

I added the Solar CT’s to use for detecting the Pool and Hot Water heater.

NOW, I just ordered Solar…being installed in a few weeks….what’s the best thing to do with Sense. As I understand it’s best to drop the pool/Water heater as described above and put on the Solar entry to the panel.

But the panel is getting replaced/upgraded to a higher amp service. Will the other discovered device signatures still apply, or will the new wiring be enough to not be recognizable/reliable ?

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For things like panel replacements or additions/configuration changes, I believe this primarily will depend on if your devices are still located on the same “leg” of the panel, as that plays into the detection of device models.

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On your second question - what should you do with your Flex Sensors after you add solar ? You should put them on your new solar feed and hope that your pool and hot water heater devices are eventually detected, Why ? Without the solar CTs , your Sense will show net usage for your house, not Total Consumption. Plus Sense has all kinds of added features to help you understand your solar production. That’s a higher priority based on my experience.

ps: If you really, really want to monitor the pool and hot water heater, you can add a second Sense monitor with added Flex Sensor CTs like I did (for my EV charging and floor heating circuit), but those can’t be viewed from the same account. I use other means to blend the data.