Sense and Solar Edge

So I have sense and just signed up to have a Solar system added using Solaredge. I had already added the CT clamps for aux monitoring of my pool pump and hot water.

SHould I move them to solar panel when it gets installed?

Or does the Solaredge software already provide what I need to know. Would i end up with basically two system that monitor basically the same details.

And the only difference being sense is more granular?

Need some clarity.

I would suggest placing the sense meter’s
CTs your mains and allow it to your hot water and your pump and attach your aux ends when you get your solar inverter installed. Both those devices should be easy for the meter to pick up.

The solar edge cloud is nice, but having everything all in sense is twice as nice as well as being able to see +/- live or for the day/ week / month.

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