Solar sense install on net metered system

I’m installing sense solar on my net metered system. It is a DC to DC disconnect to inverter to utility disconnect to smart meter/main panel configuration. None of Sense CT clamp locations in instructions seem to fit my system. No panel breakers have a direct connection from solar system. I assume in the outdoor meter panel the solar a/c is connected to the main power supply before it comes into house 200 amp panel.
If so would connecting CT clamps to main line going into panel suffice for Solar Sense purposes? Or do I need an electrician to go into sealed meter box to place CT clamps? Hope this is clear. Appreciate any assistance. My utility is Idaho Power and Inverter is a SMA Sunny Boy. Thks…

Hey @rtcblc! Thanks for sharing. For more feedback from community users, I recommend taking 3-4 photos of your panel configuration at various distances (close up of mains, shot of panel from a few feet away, etc.). I also recommend reaching out to with those photos and this question - we have some really knowledgeable folks in the support team who will be able to properly advise you.

Thanks. I’ll try and figure out how to add photos to my post. Didn’t notice any way to do that…

Two things…

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    Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 1.37.05 PM
  • For many of us, the solar feed runs into our main load center via a separate conduit and backfeeds the internal panel buses via a 240V breaker. All after the smart meter. It will be interring to see how your solar feeds in…
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Thanks, I added 3 pics in a reply to my post…

It looks like the “taps” that merge the solar feed onto your mains, are located in the meter box, as you suggested. And you have a separate fuse box just for the solar just prior to the meter box. You should probably consult The solar fuse box seems like a natural place for the solar CTs, but you would need to find a way to route the CT leads back to your main breaker panel where your Sense monitor lives. Support might have some other ideas.

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Agree with @kevin1 - our support team will have a much better idea of where your best connection point is here to ensure an issue-free installation.

Thanks, I’ve been in touch with support team and think I’m squared away now…Ray

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That’s good news. You’ll have to post the “after” pictures…

As these new pictures show. I mounted a 4x4x2 junction box to the existing lb conduit box. I altered the box allowing it to be attached to the lb conduit box thus accommodating the 2 CT clamps before the utility disconnect switch on the outside of house. I then drilled a hole to allow running a 3/4 conduit holding the CT clamp wires to the main panel. Hope this is clear. It’s working great.


Nice fix for a curly, so to speak, issue.

Peripherally I’m seeing your Sense sticker on the panel and thinking that it wouldn’t hurt if there were some UL/IEC/NEC approval codes stamps on it … keep inspectors happy.

And while we’re at it, is there a Sense Solar sticker in the works? Square? :grinning: