Solar + batteries

Hi all! I have a Sense with solar monitoring. I am adding batteries that are tied directly to the inverters, which will charge the batteries directly via solar DC.

When I add these batteries, my instinct tells me that Sense will see a reduction in solar generation while the batteries are charging, because the energy will not make it to the measuring point in the panel. Then in the evening when the batteries discharge I expect to see solar usage continue on, with the battery energy going through the inverter lines to my home. Basically I will experience a time shift of the solar energy reporting, to some degree. Is that right?

I think that makes sense and the accounting will work out. It’s a shame that I won’t have a good idea of my actual generation at any moment though, I could probably run a third set of clamps, or would be willing to install another Sense unit if it integrated as one, to be able to split this out and discern battery vs solar vs grid!

That’s what I would expect if your are feeding the combined solar / battery backfeed through the Sense solar CTs. Maybe your inverter can give you data on how the generated vs stored energy is being created and released ??

This is why it would be nice to have more CTs. Two more would be nice for batteries and a generator, or either of the former and a spare for specific circuit monitoring.

Yes, it does. It can break down battery vs solar vs main in the inverter’s app. It gives me all of the data Sense does as well, but only on a 15 minute average. Sense is just so much better at it - I can see the production change as clouds roll by!

Thanks for confirming the time shift theory I had, at least it will indicate to me when I’m on self-produced vs not.


I’d settle for being able to buy a second sense and integrate as thought it were one. It’s probably more practical that way anyway, given that the measuring points might be in different spots.