Solar Install Impacting Previously Detected Devices

Today we had a solar install, that included the addition of a set of Enphase Consumption Monitoring CTs by the installer. This seems to have broken Sense in that none of the previously detected devices are now visible, with everything now showing up as “Other”.

Will Sense work when there is another set of CT devices connected to the electrical panel mains?

I’m trying very hard to remember correctly here but, I’m pretty sure that your main CTs need to be after the vampire taps. My original solar install was vampire tap but I recently had additional solar plus batteries installed so my entire system was re-done so I cannot confirm.
Hopefully someone else can chime in here soon and provide a gut check on this

The Sense CTs are between the line side of the 200-A main breaker and the Solar vampire taps. In the original photo the breakers are below the Sense CTs. I have attached a better view.

Sorry my panel feed is from the bottom evidently I wasn’t awake enough. That /should/ if the clips got moved they may not be fully seated but that’s my only other thought. Hopefully some others will chime in here soon.

Problem Solved (I think): Apparently yesterday’s electrical panel work jostled the Sense CTs on the mains out of place, allowing the electrical panel cover to press on the spring-loaded CT opening buttons (resulting in weak signals to the Sense device). I have fastened the CT cables so this should not happen the next time a “professional” is working in the panel. :slight_smile:

Thanks to Sense Customer Support for suggesting this as the likely cause.