Sense usage accuracy vs Billing


Here is what sense said I used compares to my electric cooperative.
It’s very clos with sense being about 30KWH higher for the exact same time period.
For me, that’s less than $2.70 a month so I’m happy with sense in this regard.


Mine is very different. For Feb 9-Mar 8 Sense things I used 1535.6 kWh, but BGE says from Feb 9-Mar 11 I used 2144 kWh. So roughly 40% of my usage is not showing up in Sense.

I only have one service panel, no sub-panels. I have two heat pumps and a Tesla charger that are my biggest loads. Sense can’t seem to tell the two heat pumps apart, but the load does double when they’re both on. The Tesla was only recently recognized, but I could see it in my usage from the day I installed Sense.


Device recognition really has no bearing on the total wattage number. Is this your first month with Sense? My first suggestion would be to reach out to Support and verify that your installation is 100% correct. Issues like this can arise from a partially open CT sensor or other installation/hardware errors.


You are also missing a few days. Feb 8 looks really low. March 9,10,11 are missing from your sense total.

My totals have been within a few percent.
Wi-Fi issues longer than 6 hours or with a power outage will cause data loss.

I would expect sense to be within 5-10%.
You may not know exactly when the meter is read. I could be early one time and late the next.

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