Natively Detected Electric Spaceheaters?

Who here has had an electric space heater natively detected by Sense? What make and model is it? We have one that works well, but hasn’t been detected yet. We’re looking at getting a second one to utilize our solar more than our natural gas, and if anyone here has a good recommendation that has been natively detected, I’m all ears. I’m also hoping that not moving this unit around will help Sense detect it. Thanks!

I have a Honeywell HH360V. Was easily detected.

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Sense is pretty good about detecting heat sources with a catch.
Heaters that have more than one mode Low/High, Low/mid/high… each mode would almost certainly be detected as separate heaters.
A heater that automatically switches between modes low/mid/high depending on demand is much less likely to be detected.

Moving the heater could inhibit detection and most defiantly would if you were to plug it into a circuit powered by a different main leg (leg 1 vs leg 2). So it’s good your keeping it in the same place.

Getting a second heater could cause it’s own set of issues, as most are quite similar in wattage making extremely difficult if not impossible to tell them apart if they are on the same leg. On different legs you stand a much better chance of 2 heaters being detected as separate devices.
You can tell which leg something is on by going into Labs - Floating Neutral and viewing ‘Mains’ ‘L1’ & ‘L2’ (yeah, the feature is in a strange place) and turning it on/off while watching for wattage change.


Thanks all. I went ahead and ordered a second unit of what I already have. We know it works well for our needs and this will save us from moving it around. As for legs, when I plotted all my outlets and lights in a spreadsheet, I also included a Leg column so I know that the two locations are on other less. Lastly, while this does have different modes, we always keep it on high. For the time being at least, I put one on a Kasa. It already says 8.5% of my monthly usage has gone into this space heater. :grimacing:

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