Single device detected/re-detected multiple times



I’ve had Sense about a month; it’s detected 11 devices. Great product! Sense detected a “Water heater”, which is probably my hot tub spa (I don’t have an electric water heater; I have an instant-on gas water heater).

Problem: Sense seems to have detected the “Water heater”, then forgotten/re-detected it again, at least twice. The screenshots below from Usage> Trends> Bill show three different Water heaters detected during November/December. I would expect that normally these would all be a single device with a single usage stream.

Questions: Is there an explanation for this result or any recommended actions? Is this normal/expected, or is this an issue just for the usage graph, or should I “combine” these results somehow?

  • Water heater: mid-November, 22.7 kWh
  • Water heater: late-November, 21.2 kWh
  • Water heater, early-December, 5.8 kWh


  • Sense Version: 1.7.1642-f241d35-master
  • Sense App iOS Version: 1.17.3-07f82529, build: 1236


If it’s forgetting the old/original when it picks up a new one, I typically delete the old one after a week or two.


Hmm. If you’re confident that these are the same device, I would recommend merging them using the device merge function:

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