Repeated device detection

Not sure what is going on with my Sense Monitor. It has begun detecting devices it has already detected. Today it detected my oven for the third time. A few ago it seems to be detecting my refrigerator again. Still trying to confirm. It third detect of the oven cannot be merged with the oven.

I had a repeated detection of my clothes dryer. I called the second version Dryer High. One month later, Sense figured this out on its own and fixed it. They sent me a notification that said “Dryer High and Dryer have been combined.” The combination device was worth waiting for, as it was more accurate than either of the previous definitions separately.

The link above says, “Sense may automatically combine devices in your home if we have strong evidence that suggests they’re exact duplicates or tracking the same devices across two different legs of a home’s electrical panel.” I think this is what happened in my case. For your case, I suggest you give it a couple weeks to see if they resolve this for you. Of course, if you want a more immediate solution you may delete one of the duplicate devices.