Space heater question (does not detect on or off accurately)


Sense did detect my space heater but when I actually turn the unit on or off; it seems not to display the status consistently. The strange thing is as the heater warms up it does detect it for 5 seconds then indicates shortly after that it is off. But in reality it is on. I noticed one time that when I used my Keurig it thought it is the space heater. And again, it indicates the device is on for 5 seconds then indicates off. I don’t think it really knows it is a space heater but Sense did classify it as a space heater.
The make of the space heater is Intertek, model number is CYAA45-7B 120V 60Hz and 1500W

Should I delete the device from my list and let it try to discover it again?

Otherwise, the listing it as a device is useless because it is not accurately detecting it.

Sense removed device on it's own (it was very reliable detection)

How long has it been “discovered” ? I typically let devices brew for about two weeks before thinking about deleting. Sometimes they will conflate and morph into something else. Other times, you will eventually get a a clean recognition,


I got the unit installed on Feb 8th and it found the device (called heater 1) on Feb 11th. I will take your advice and just wait. I am also curious it has not found my electric furnace by now since it draws high wattage.

Thus far it has found the following devices: Other, Fridge (kitchen), Fridge (garage), Vanity lights in bathroom, Water heater, Microwave, Samsung TV bedroom and Samsung TV Family room and lastly Heat 1 (which I assume was the Space Heater).

I guess this amount of devices discovered is about correct?