Air Conditioner Confusing Sense

Sense is so cute.

Thing about me, I am too cheap to run my AC. I live alone, and I challenge myself to see how low I can get my Electric Bill. a month or two ago, I bought a dehumidifier to keep the humidity in my house lower so I can comfortably keep the temperature at 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

I just serviced my air conditioner, and I am trying to check the drain pipes for leaks. Unfortunately, I’m guessing the air in my house is too dry to produce much water so I am running the Air Conditioner harder(longer) than usual. Set it down to 78, then 74, then 72, and now 70. Sense detected the Dehumidifier’s compressor 2 months ago, the blower motor in it this morning. the Blower motor for the HVAC system a while back.

Running the AC for the first time in so long, Sense filed it under “Other” and “Dehumidifier Blower Motor”. It is not even detecting the blower motor for the HVAC. Then when my dehumidifier turned on, it realized its mistake with it. But it still hasn’t realized the blower motor. Perhaps when the AC turns off and the Blower continues to run for a bit. crosses fingers

I don’t even know if I have to worry about leakage as long as I use my dehumidifier (which I must since my AC is oversized). AC has been running for 2 hours, brought the temp down from 82 to 71, but there isn’t even condensation on the pipes(except the run trap at the end). which means there must not be much water running through it :slight_smile: and I’ll never normally run my AC at 71. 78 at the least.

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Damn dude - am I duplicated? I do pretty much the same thing with a dehumidifier that you do. And live alone in South Louisiana to boot. Is your utility Entergy Louisiana?

Nice. Entergy New Orleans :slight_smile:

the dehumidifier is much cheaper and much more reliable (as a means of keeping humidity to safe and comfortable levels)

How many watt does the dehumidifier use?

605w when running the compressor, and 56w when it is just running the fan for a few more minutes to defrost or whatever. runs for about 8 minutes, then off for about 7. about 4 times an hour.

so about .2 kWh.

compare to the A/C which uses about 3.75kWh for about 20 minutes just to keep the house at 82 when it rises to 83. to keep the house at 78 (or lower because the humidity), it’s been awhile but I’m certain it would have to run at least 20 minutes every hour.

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