App 30.0 Solar Usage Status Screen

Says my “Powered by Solar” is 16%. Should it be 100%+. Are you calculating the amount of clock time powered by solar?

I’m net metered, so mostly care about the total consumed vs total produced (for the day in this case).

Nice production !

Your question is answered here:


The “Powered by solar” will always be low on a work day. I’ve got the house way down (even with the Radon ran going) while I’m at work while the solar is producing. That’s the beauty of the net metering (otherwise I’d probably have to get a power wall).

This is my first winter. It’s quite a hit (summer is around 35kWh/day). I could only fit 21 panels on the South side roof. The big burst in the morning is the Tesla charger firing up.

Sense has really helped me get my “always on” under control which has really helped my overall numbers.

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I have 21 panels as well, but they are 7 year old technology (220W) with 7 years of wear and tear. I only see a max of about 26-27kWh / day in June/July and my best days around now are only 12kWh.

Did a little analysis of my 6 year history here:

I’m a year into mine, 25 330W panels. I updated my price on the price back to the grid. Pretty sad the wholesale rate if we were overproducing. I got mid 50s KWH over the summer on good days. Hitting about 25 on good days right now.


Solar envy… My 21 panels are at 305 watts. My best day was 40 kWh. But you’re deal form the power company SUCKS.

Does the power company calculate instantaneously, or is the produced vs used looked at over the month ?

Ouch, so your paying about 12.6 cents for what you use and getting back 1 cent for what you put back on the grid ?

That’s awful. Your profile (nice car) says your in Kansas. Ouch.

xcel in Colorado is still doing 1:1 and charging about about 10 cents per kWh (13 over 500 kWh during the summer). They also have a time of use option but I don’t really think it makes much sense.

I can understand that the 1:1 is probably unsustainable, but paying you back that little seems way to far the other way.

Think I’d be looking for a power wall just to keep more of my own power. Or, buy a 2nd Tesla so you can alternate days and keep one home to charge during sunlight (:wink: - powerwall would be cheaper).

PS: I don’t get to sell my power back for cash. It’s value is calculated (at retail price), and credited against future use

Yep, Kansas. Rock Chalk! Kansas is a net metering state so we net out in a current month but no carry over. Kansas doesn’t have the best solar laws so it only makes sense to install for the lowest consuming months. In March we had over production of just a few KWH.

We LOVE the “Little Red Wagon.”. I’ll never have another ICE car again.

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The “Powered by solar” stat is pretty darn useless for those of us in net metering states. Can this please be tied to an option/setting for those of us in a net metering state which would calculate it based on production vs usage for the entire day/week/month/time period?

Here was my Solar stats from yesterday (great sunny day here in Maryland).

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@timwood My take is that the useful aspect of “Powered by solar” as shown is that it’s a more complicated calculation and it’s also more actionable whereas what you are asking for is simply a matter of looking at “Production” vs “Usage”. To satisfy your need I suppose “Usage” could be written “Usage (95% of Production)”

Even with a Net Metered system, the ideal is for the existing “Powered by solar” to be 100%. The energy grid is much better off when small solar producers (read: home scale) are using all their production. i.e. Whether you have net metering or not the “Powered by solar” is acting as a goal. If you’re always at 50%, get an EV – that type of action. This was a great blog post about that aspect of Sense’s rationale: