This post has me wondering

NO WAY is that legal??

  • Is it legal to back-bill indefinitely? Years?? Anybody have some State/Federal law to cite and/or consumer vs Utility case law?

  • This seems like a potential serious Sense Saves case study.

  • Can @kevin1’s tireless work on tariff analysis be deployed here?

  • The Redundancy Engineer in me says @richt should install at least one more Sense and do some calibration.

And is the utility billing all of this “unbilled” usage at current rates? I would file a complaint with the utilities commission of the state you’re in, @richt . If nothing else, it’ll get other bureaucracy involved to the point where maybe the utility just drops it. :slight_smile:

Most of them are linked from .

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Great points. Will check. U guys are awesome!



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