Breaker trips


My EV tripped a breaker while charging 3 days ago; I didn’t notice until today. The issue was easy to diagnose with the Sense; it has happened maybe 3 or 4 times before, but before I had the Sense. Now I can see that the software current limit was not being respected; the car was charging at the full 32A rate instead of 23A, which is the limit I set. Since it’s on a 30A circuit breaker, it tripped after 10 minutes.

I have two feature requests that are prompted by this:

  1. Can you detect the transient of a breaker tripping? It sounds like this may be on the roadmap already, from the HomeCheck beta. I submitted a report for that not because I need help diagnosing the issue, but because I wanted to give you more data in case it would help build a model for this sort of thing.

  2. Could we set notifications based off the power draw of a particular device? It sounds like I can set a goal for my whole house to be below a certain level at any point and get a push notification if not, but it would be nice to attach it to a particular device that I might know is misbehaving if its power is outside the normal range. (Another place that might be useful; misdetected devices. Sense detected my dishwasher, or at least the heating element. But it also picks up the heating element of a teapot - and apparently a heating element in the clothes washer, which I didn’t know existed. If the misdetections happen at different power levels, I might be able to set up a notification so I can immediately report “Device is not on”.)

Of course, that second one would require integration with my networked EVSE or detection of my EV, so those are implicit wishes here too. :slight_smile: