[BUG] - All five kp115 smart plugs went offline according to Sense but are still really on

I already reset them, so I’ll have to wait 4-5 days to try that.

Likely coincidental, or perhaps configuration oriented. I’m running without issue. Make sure you disable the Auto-Optimize network setting (in Site setting), and the Block LAN to WLAN Multicast and Broadcast Data (in individual Wireless Networks settings).

Just to see what effect it has, I took DHCP duties away from the FIOS router and am running DHCP on a server machine in the network. I rebooted everything and they all now have a new lease from the server’s DHCP. I did reserve the Sense and the KP115’s new addresses on the new DHCP server as well.


Both are/were off when I tested with 5.x firmware
Screenshot from 2021-07-04 14-30-31
Screenshot from 2021-07-04 14-29-28

Not only the tp-links but my nest thermostat, my openevse ess* wifi chip and even sense were kicked off the network with that firmware.

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Sounds like you had some significant issues. By chance do you recall what specific version you were testing? There is a known issue surrounding use of Proxy ARP in 5.43.37, might be another one to check. FWIW, I moved from to (even though it’s not GA) last week on my UAP-AC-HDs without issue.

Due to the fact that my issues with the Kasa devices are wildly different than those of @Offthewall I’ve moved my issues to a new thread in order to keep this one relevant. I will continue to add any information that might help this thread if I notice similar issues. As of right now I’m not experiencing the same issues and while they might be related in some undetermined way, at this point I’m sure my issues are with the Sense Monitor as it fails to even attempt outside communication.

The new thread is: Sense Communication Crashing with Kasa Devices Connected

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Well, 4 days, 6 hours after switching DHCP servers, all five KP115’s went n/a simultaneously. So I’m gonna say it has nothing to do with the FIOS’s DHCP server.

I’m just about ready to chuck all this in the trash.

Yes, the Kasa app can’t still control and monitor the plugs both locally and via cellular data when they are n/a to Sense.


Ok couple last few questions.

How many integrations do you have in total. I.e. hue, Kasa, ecobee, ifttt

Are your plugs on firmware 1.0.17?

TP Link is the only integration I have.

All KP115’s are on v 1.0.17

Welp… I don’t want to say much yet, because I’m still watching mine to see what happens in a couple days. But I have tried a number of things in an attempt to get them to fail on my network. This includes IP changes, WiFi channel changes etc. So far the only time I’ve seen the N/A appear on the plugs is when I first install them, which is cleared with a couple power pulls and when I forced a MAC address change, which was expected.

The issues that I experienced, documented in another thread, were because the unit was overloaded. In your case with a single integration of 5 plugs, that wouldnt be the case. I have well over 50 devices integrated.

I’ll continue to monitor mine and report back if I find something.


:sweat_smile: silently hopes nothing breaks

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I’m at 62 Hue bulbs, 1 Wemo, and 41 Kasa plugs integrated. :sweat_smile:


@Offthewall - I have good news for you! I have experienced the N/A bug.

I’m going to leave it at that for now. I have to get to sleep because I have to take my mother to the airport in the morning. I did a little bit of digging around and saw the following:

  • PCAPs are showing that the Sense is still doing it’s broadcast to 9999 asking for all devices to report back. My monitor is set to poll every 6 seconds, but yours should be every 2. Based on my findings I am seeing a request every 6 seconds as expected.
  • PCAPs are showing that the Kasa device is not responding anymore and is still communicating with Kasa servers and ARP requests.
  • Kasa device did have a DHCP Failure today around the time that the issue started.

I have to piece everything together, when everything went haywire and that will take some time. I will work on that over the next couple days.

I don’t think it’s your environment. I have all commercial grade Cisco switches, routers, access points, security appliances etc. I do think it’s a result of the Kasa firmware or hardware based on my findings so far. I want to figure out if it’s just not respoding anymore or if it’s some other issue. In my case it’s actually responding but only part of the time. It’s like it’s half way working.


I don’t quite understand the “DHCP failure” that the Kasa plug had. Are you saying it had an issue when renewing its lease? Everyone having trouble with their KP115s sees them all go “n/a” at the same time, that would point to some external cause. The DHCP failure you mention might be that cause.
EDIT (additional thoughts): I believe the problem may well be in the KP115, as the Sense polling that you see catches the plugs as they are individually restarted.

@demiller9 I’m going to dive into it more and see if there’s any correlation between the DHCP Failure and the issue everyone is having. I assumed early on, if you read back a few posts, that it was either a DHCP issue or a Kasa issue. It might very well be both however based on the below it’s not looking like a DHCP issue even though there are recorded failures.

The DHCP failure happened at 0154 Sat July 10th
The first detected issue in the energy monitor was at 1213 On Fri July 9th
The first DHCP lease was at 1544 Tues July 6th
DHCP Leases are 24 Hours

The commonality that I’m seeing on the KP115 but not on the HS300 is random deauthentications. There’s no specified reason for it either.


This image shows the % of failed connections, number of failed/connected and the reason

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The KP115s aren’t responding to the polling when the issue happens. I’ve confirmed that with PCAPs. So I really don’t think this issue is a Sense issue. It’s looking like it’s a Kasa issue. A power-pull of the devices would indicate that the device’s internal software is rebooted and it resumes working as expected until something gums it up. Just trying to figure out what is causing it to gum up.


THX, I am waiting with great anticipation for your additional findings!

What’s serving DHCP in your network?

Edit: Rare that the AP sees the DHCP request, but doesn’t a DHCP response. Assuming the AP can be trusted, this would imply a failure somewhere between the AP and the DHCP server (inclusive). Can you confirm whether or not there is a response from the DHCP server? I.E. a sniff on the DHCP server? Or a span port?

@dennypage The DHCP server is responding the plug just doesn’t want to accept it. The message about the DHCP not responding is from the device level not the AP level. I’m assuming that the device does a discover, the DHCP does an offer and then either the request or subsequent ack fail. When I force a discover on the same network I have yet to see it fail.