[BUG] - Data export date range issue

I noticed today that when doing a data export, the exported date range doesn’t quite match the date range you were viewing on the web. For example, if I choose “last month” and click export, the date range goes from Dec 1st to Jan 1st, which means an extra day of data gets exported. Same thing happens when exporting years. I can select 2020, click export, and the date goes from 1 Jan 2020 to 1 Jan 2021.

It’s not a huge deal because the extra data can just be deleted from Excel, but only if you notice it happened.

EDIT: And what’s weird is the way it’s sorted. When doing the yearly export, the very first day listed is 1/1/21 followed by 1/1/20 then 1/2/20, etc. I would have expected 1/1/21 to be at the very end right after 12/30/20.

I have noticed the same issue in exported data. I haven’t put my finger on exactly how many rows get sorted oddly like this. By memory, sometimes it is the last half-dozen rows chronologically when I ask for hourly data. When exporting by day, usually only one row, and sometimes none.

It may have something to do with period definition. When I export an incomplete period, such as export the current month before it is over, then I don’t notice the issue.

I’m able to replicate this issue and will share it with our team. As you mentioned, not a huge issue, but will add to our teams radar.

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