Can identify Always On devices? Such as IoT?

Good guess. I have measured many of the IoT device in my home using a Roaming smart plug (a Kasa KP125 non-Matter version). Most will never show up in Sense without a smart plug for three reasons:

  • Their dominant mode of usage is Always On.
  • When they do have some kind of on/off dynamic behavior, like a HomePod playing music, the dynamic usage is generally smallish (3-8W) and doesn’t produce clear on/on “edges” that Sense can “see”.
  • Network-traffic-based NDI, only works for devices with a specific profile as well - ones that are clear in naming themselves an signaling their ons and offs on the network, plus have well characterized usage, so Sense can create a lookup for on usage. So far, this has been limited to a few brands/models of smart TVs.

The best way to deal with most IoT devices is to characterize them using a Roamer smart plug, then tally up their Always On usage by manually adding to the Always On Estimates.

More on the methodology in this article: