Question about detection and NDI

From what I heard at the webinar yesterday, NDI is nice capability for connected devices with challenging power profiles, but only works well when two things are in place:

  • The device is well behaved in its network protocol when changing power states / joining / leaving the network - some brands or models do this well, other don’t. Many dongle type devices continuously re-register on the network regardless of power state. The device has to cleanly say “I’m on” and “I’m off” via it’s registration and
  • The NDI signaling can be associated with some identifiable unique power on and off events/states.

My take is that if your Samsung meets both criteria, Sense will eventually detect, though it might be slower than a TV turned on/off more regularly, though having the clues from NDI should help. A lot might depend on how noisy the rest of the devices in your house are - TV power might get drown out by other devices.