CE Smart Plugs added?

Hey I’m new to Sene, just wondering if CE Smart Home Wi-Fi Smart Plugs can talk to sense? If they can’t could they be add in the future? Below are links to them:


I don’t think the CE Smart Home WiFi Smartplugs meet the Sense criteria below. Only a select few WiFi smart plugs actually report power usage.

We know that these are not the only smart plugs on the market, but we chose to focus on them for a two main reasons: (1) they are both popular models in the market, and (2) they report not only on/off data but also wattage. If other smart plugs meet these criteria, we will consider adding support for them as well.

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I personally haven’t invested in any smart plugs yet, I’m still holding out for some nice in-wall wifi outlets with monitoring, but I digress. I looked at the HS110 but I’m finding this on a few sites:

Is this item really discontinued?

There are still a bunch of sources on Amazon, all at around 20$ per unit or a 2 pack for 38$

CE now has smart WiFi plugs with energy monitoring. If this now meets the criteria for Sense, do you think they’ll will be adding these to the list of smart plugs that can communicate with Sense?


If you want to see support, you should ‘like’ the original wishlist. A lot probably depends on how many other users ‘like’ this wishlist item and how close CE’s method of interfacing is to TP-Link’s or Wemo’s (each different) since development and support is costly for each new integration.

The integrations with Wemo and TP-Link devices are different and non-trivial, plus live in the monitor itself, and have to work in realtime. Since you are an electrical engineer, you’ll probably appreciate these posted details on the integrations:

You might also appreciate Jonah’s blog that gives more details about the operation of the monitor:

ps: many new power logging smart plugs have entered the market in the intervening year and one half since Sense initially added smart plug integrations.