CE Smart Plugs added?


Hey I’m new to Sene, just wondering if CE Smart Home Wi-Fi Smart Plugs can talk to sense? If they can’t could they be add in the future? Below are links to them:




I don’t think the CE Smart Home WiFi Smartplugs meet the Sense criteria below. Only a select few WiFi smart plugs actually report power usage.

We know that these are not the only smart plugs on the market, but we chose to focus on them for a two main reasons: (1) they are both popular models in the market, and (2) they report not only on/off data but also wattage. If other smart plugs meet these criteria, we will consider adding support for them as well.

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I personally haven’t invested in any smart plugs yet, I’m still holding out for some nice in-wall wifi outlets with monitoring, but I digress. I looked at the HS110 but I’m finding this on a few sites:

Is this item really discontinued?



There are still a bunch of sources on Amazon, all at around 20$ per unit or a 2 pack for 38$