Data gaps between devices and timeline

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My device data and timeline data don’t match at all. I’m having gaps
for devices and you would think that those gaps would line up as the
same days and times, they don’t. One device will have gaps for certain
hours and when I view another device it will be for totally different timeframes.
When I look at the power meter, there are not any gaps.

I have several images and they show yesterdays use.
Heat pump missing many hours
Other missing some but not the same
Fridge missing some but not the same
Water heater not missing anything
Timeline not missing anything.
Ignore my naming, it helps me idendify.

Probably two different factors

  • there may be some hours when your device is actually off - but probably not the fridge.
  • you might have some hours where “noise” in the house gives Sense some issues with identification.

A look at the individual Device Power Meter around the dropout hours might help better understand which might be happening. BTW - I have my thermostat to run the fan for at least 5min each hour, but I sometimes see missing hours. Why ? Because the furnace or AC finished running very close to 1AM and the fan doesn’t get scheduled until a minute before 2AM, hence an empty hour…

I did go look at the device power meters and best I could tell, they match.
But why would one device dropout from noise and not another? Wouldn’t noise affect the entire system?
I was sure to include images of devices that are known to run every hour for at least some time.
A big problem is this throws the data off and makes the estimates unreliable.

I think you are doing the right thing, mostly focusing on top-level data gaps in the Power Meter. I would relax a bit about specific device usage. I had a few refrigerator hours without usage, from a Sense device that was actually tracking two extremely similar refrigerators. When I looked at the Device Power Meter, it looked as if that was actually standard operation, especially since some of the hour long gaps happened in the wee hours when no one was opening the fridges and the house was far less electrically noisy from a usage perspective.

And again patience. Identification will move around over time. Don’t base too much of your life on having 100% accurate identification data.

I sure won’t look for 100% accuracy and have been learning to display more patience since getting Sense.
For times like this when things seem to fluctuate or go haywire, I’m trying to get a better understanding of the hows and whys and what I may be doing or not be doing to affect things.

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