DeLonghi 1500W space heater

Make: DeLonghi
Model: TRD40615T
How identified: Smart plug (HS110)
Additional Comments: This heater has a 3 setting rotary knob along with thermostatic control. This is a typical resistive element heating device with a rapid, essentially, rampless load but unlike a motor there is no initial higher peak. The wattage is the wattage and will have a fairly consistently flat top to the waveform.
Power Specs: 120V, quoted Min: 700W; Med: 800W; Max: 1500W. Actual measured wattages are 730, 850, 1535
Detailed View:
Set to “Min” then …

Set to “Med” then …

Set to “Max”

Daily View:
A “full” manually switched on/off cycle with around 90sec on the way up and down through the settings.

A normal switching on with knob to Max

A typical signature while heater is on Max and under thermostatic control to maintain temperature. Something interesting to note is the sudden wattage decrease at 10:20 (remember this heater is on a smart plug so that drop can be trusted and is not a Sense guess). Looking at the Mains Power Meter it appears that drop is consistent with my hot water heater switching on and likely affecting the house-wide supply.

Waveform Source. Device meter showing heater on smart plug (HS110)


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