Device 1? Hmm, any ideas?

Hello, my sense was busy last night… It found a microwave, electric drier (or part of) and device 1.
Device 1 is interesting, seems to happen every day at about 740 or 745 am. Zero idea what it could be, and the wife nis confused as well. I did set a push notification when it turns on and off. I took some screen shots to see if anyone might have any idea.
Thanks again for your time

Looks like it could be a heating blanket, or fish tank heater (?) or something. Definitely a heating source by the look of the signature. Coffee maker? Although those are usually more power draw at first AFAIK.

I’m sure someone else will chime in with the right answer.

Nothing the last 2 days Strange, it’s only at that time per day it seems… Sense has found our coffee maker already, so that’s good… Nothing I use rings a bell, we have fish tank heaters, but live in Minnesota, so they are on way more than that my wife can’t think of anything she is doing… Hopefully the push notification get me looking and we find something…

Maybe an instant hot water heater on a timer ?? Or a coffee maker on timer ??

Coffee is a super automatic espresso machine, that draws about 1200 watts, and discovered… Not sure if it does a warmer thing, but I usually get up around 5… We don’t have a instant hot water heater…
Great thoughts, I appreciate them…

Guessing this is the other fun part of the sense… The guessing game… Lol…
Fortune I had a spot on tip for my fridge light!

Might be an oven part or breakfast something… Gas stove, oven, toaster convection oven?? Wifey said she fed me those days… Lol

The fact that it kicks in every day at the SAME time makes it very unlikely that it is part of a fridge or heater/cooler etc. Do you have a smart house thermostat and ‘programmed’ heating cycles (for example)?

I think we need first to assess how ‘repeatable’ the on/off cycles are and how long they last. Then we can go at the guessing game (i.e., the fun part). This is likely a device on a timer as all other devices tend to kick in ‘randomly’ depending on temperature/usage/else. Though 400W is likely a heating device …

Do you have your dishwasher programmed to wash the dishes in the AM ? You have ‘heated dry’ on ? …

Curious to know what it is though. I’ll be following this thread.

we have an ecobee, but nothing changing at that time, since we both work from home, we only change sensors, and the temp like 1 degree,

I am thinking its part of the toaster oven, or the regular oven, both convection one breville the other jenn-air . but thats my guess.
I told my wife she needed to make me a nice breakfast again, so I can monitor and see, lol that has yet to happen…

lol that’s a terrific idea ! (the breakfast)

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Update, it is related to my oven, so now I think I have 3 or 4 oven pieces. is there any way to combine them ??

Yep! There is a merge feature.
See here

Easy enough, thanks!

Yes, in my case I combined the “ice maker” component with my larger “refrigerator” device. You can combine two (or more) devices by the following steps in the mobile app:

  • From Devices, tap the OvenPart1 device from the list
  • With the OvenPart1 stats, usage, etc. showing on the next screen, tap the Gear icon in the upper right to view the Device Settings
  • The Device Settings is divided into two tabs: Details and Manage. Tap the Manage tab and look toward the bottom of the list for a “Merge Device” option.
  • When tapping Merge Device, another list of your devices will appear with selectable boxes next to each. In your case, tap the OvenPart2, OvenPart3, etc. and finally tap “Merge” in the upper right to combine them all into OvenPart1.
  • Rename as necessary to Oven, which will be tracked by Sense accordingly from here on out

Hope that helps!