Do Smart Plugs Hurt The Systems Ability to Learn

@andy and @obscuredtrip Have you seen devices that run through your smart plugs show up on your timeline view? It seems that all my devices plugged into Kasa do not show up on my timeline but the ones that are found natively by the system do.

Also, the system found three new things last night so I’m nerdily stoked. HVAC fan, microwave, and a 130v pump which I am still trying to locate. Best way to start the work day!

You can configure which devices show up in your main Timeline in the Manage tab for that device. With smartplugs, you can also choose to set a Standby state plus see Standby transitions as well.

I have all three Kasa plugs set to ‘show on timeline’ but I had been changing the names around (adding a ‘-p’ to the end of the device to denote that it is on a plug. I just changed the names so they match in Sense and Kasa and restarted the apps, live data is showing up as expected (it was before as well with the names being off but not showing up on the timeline still. I may give it a few hours or a day to see if it syncs.

The update to the timeline should be immediate, but you need to toggle on which transitions you want to see in the timeline as well. If you have done that, you might want to contact support.

Thanks Kevin, I have the “basic notifications” turned off since I do not want the pop up notification on my phone every time the devices turn on and off. However I turned them on just to see if I would get a bubble on the timeline but it did not show up, got the phone notification but no bubble.

EDIT: I am getting 3x more Kasa plugs today, when I set them up I will ensure that the names match right from the get go and will see if they show up…if not I’ll reach out to support.

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Morning @andy, I think I have run into the problem that you mentioned a few days ago. The energy from my Kasa devices still get recognized but their name bubbles do not show up on the live timeline when turned on or off (energy monitoring of the plugs seems to be unaffected). Did you find a remedy that did not include deleting the kasa switch and restarting?, I’d like to be able to keep that sweet sweet data it has collected so far but get the name bubble back on the live view.

@bjf5051, are you talking about the power bubbles themselves or the entry in the timeline, because you mention a “bubble on the timeline”. Bubbles and entries on the timeline are different items with different controls on their visibility for smart plug devices. Bubbles for smart plug devices don’t show if the device is using power below the standby limits, so a smartplug can be using some energy, and still not show. What shows up in the timeline (on the right) is controlled by the settings for devices in the Manage tab.

The entry on the timeline showing the device name, sorry I need to get my naming convention in line. The devices show fine on the bubble view, I get a notification (if it is turned on for that device) but the entry on the timeline for each device does not show.

Hope eveyone had a good weekend. I am still having issues with devices on smart plug showing up on the timeline. The names are the same in Kasa as in the Sense app, the ‘show on timeline’ is checked for the 4x devices, Sense and the Kasa plugs are all on the same wifi. The devices show up as bubbles but do not show up on the timeline when you switch over to that view.

Addidionally, sometimes the timeline wattage increases and decreases (named or not named) only go back an hour and sometime they go back two. I have tried being on the same wifi network as Sense, a different wifi network and even remoting in and it seems random as to when it happens. I was thinking that this had something to do with the speed of the connection which is why I tried a few different ways.

I did mention in a previous comment that I would reach out to Sense Support and I did but unfortunatly the responses are not too helpful :confused: The conversation has been going on for a few days now and we are only at checking some items in the menu and asking if the system has fixed itself somehow…figured I would reach back out to the community on this.

One more question - are you looking bubbles / timeline in the phone/tablet app or the web app ? For me, the iOS app immediately adds past history to the Now timeline whenever I flip the the “Show on Now Timeline” switch for that device. If you are seeing the bubbles, the on/off data is getting to Sense.

Yep, on the phone (iOS) app. It almost seems like it is just an app problem for that reason. Sense is seeing the Kasa device and showing the bubble for it but nothing is showing up on the timeline view.

Got this from Sense Support:

Sorry for the delay!

In this situation, you need to lower the ‘standby to on threshold’ to be closer to the Always On for each plug.

To set up a smart plug Standby threshold, navigate to Device Settings > Manage for your device and find the ‘Standby’ section.

This seems like a band-aid fix to an app issue though, my devices are set up as:

-Device One wattage threshold is 20W where the Always-on Wattage is 6W and the Current/Active Wattage is 166W
-Device Two wattage threshold is 20W and the Current/Active Wattage is 135W
-Device Thee wattage threshold is 15W where the Always-on Wattage is 6W and the Current/Active Wattage is 178W

Hearing the support suggestion, it really doesn’t sound like a band-aid to me. With smart plugs, there are 3 states, On, Standby and Off (Always On isn’t a state, it’s a kind of measurement). The threshold for Off is below 0.5W, but the threshold between On and Standby is user configurable. If your Standby threshold is set too high, there won’t be any transitions to log (On all the time). That you have some Always Ons (6W) below your Standby threshold, that indicates that you might have usage dropping below your Standby threshold, though that’s not an absolute conclusion (Standby minimum times also play a role). It would be useful for you to look at and post any Power Meter screenshots for a smartplug where it should have logged a transition but did not.

Thanks for the info. Let me play that back with an example device to see if I follow.

One of the devices on a Kasa plug is our Entertainment Center (TV, Amazon Fire TV, Digital Frame).

Always On = 4W
Current = 6W
In Use = 140W
Standby to On Threshold = 9W
Minimum On/Off Duration = 5s

When the TV is ‘off’…looking at the Power Meter the plug shows 4W most of the time but has blips that go up to 8W ranging from 3 seconds to 22 seconds in length before dropping back down to the 4W.

I set the Standby to On Threshold at 9W so it only registers as ‘ON’ when the TV is on on, not during the 8W blips. I left the Minimum On/Off Duration at 5 seconds since there are no large drops while the TV is in use that would need to be ignored.

I’ll have to grab a screenshot later tonight when I can play around with it some more. Cheers!

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And to add I am seeing inconsistencies on when the entries show up on the timeline for any device, Kasa plug or Native Sense device. There will be a grouping of events but then no events for a stretch of a few hours, then every event is shown, then another black stretch of events. The network connection shows a consistent 2/3 ‘bars’ under the Monitor page in settings, it is being run through a wifi extender.

Just wanted to mention this too just in case there is an issue with connection vs data that is shown on the Live View.

IMG_9825 IMG_9826 IMG_9827

That pattern looks a little bit problematic - a gap/dropout, followed by a while with no transition tagging, followed by another gap/dropout, then back to normal. You might want to look at that.


Definitely recommend reaching out to as @kevin1 mentioned @bjf5051

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Will do, thanks @kevin1 and @JustinAtSense