Electrical Meter Fault?


So I bought Sense as my energy use y/y rose 50%+ which I figured was mainly down to kids growing up (2 under 5) and turning on incandescent light bulbs all day and other wasteful use while I was out of the house.

My electricity use for Jan, Feb and Mar was 1,469kWh, 1,213kWh and 1,331kWh respectively. I installed Sense on April 12, with full readings from April 13 showing an average use of 22kWh/day or around 307kWh for the first two weeks. This is much lower than my previous bill for the winter months show as I should be on track for around 600-700kWh per month. I use gas for heating, cooking, drying etc. so if anything my power use should go up as I start to use A.C.

I’ve taken some meter reading in the last few days and here is the first at 8pm ET 27-Apr-2017

It appears to show 32092

I took another at 12.41pm ET on 28-Apr 2017 but that shows 32019 - which can’t be right!

I had a meter reader recorded value of 31959 show up for 26-Apr-2017 on my utiliy’s website which leads me to beleive that the reading from 8pm Apr-27 was actually 31992.

If that is correct then my consumption from 8pm yesterday to 12.40pm today would be 27kWh - Sense has it as 15.6kWh during the same period (8pm-1pm).

So can anyone explain why my meter would be showing usage that is 70%+ higher than Sense is reporting?

Have I installed it wrong? (as I type my mains is showing voltage of 120.4V and 120.8V - usage as 252W and 364W respectively). Frequency is 60hz

Is my meter likely to be inaccurate and in need of replacement?

Any thoughts would be appreciated!



Looks like 32018 for the second. Can’t quite make out the first one.


I’d say 32008 for the second and 31992 for the first. 16KW difference.


You’re probably right…I’ll pay closer attention to the number before and use a longer period to test the data. Thanks both!