Energy bill calculation inaccurate

Yep. My wattage, rates are all set. Sense has been predicting my energy bill to be $248 for the year. My real energy bill is between $120-$200 per month. After a year of using this I have learned that
Sense integrates fine with smart plugs, but beyond that it hasn’t picked up on much. Last count I had nine “heats”, five devices and five or six refrigerators. Over the past year, I haven’t learned a thing from this device. Not even good for real time let alone anything else. It sure looked impressive on Bob Vila’s Home again. Where a guy plugs in a saw and it picks right up on that.

Hey @Lundwall_Paul, this doesn’t sound normal. Can you share a screenshot of where Sense is projecting a $248 annual energy bill? I’ve upgraded your permissions so you’re able to share screenshots.

@Lundwall_Paul, Sense does pick up / detect large power tools like nobody’s business, at least in my house. We have had a couple of renovations recently and Sense found the workmen’s chop saws and stone saws within the first half hour of usage. Large fixed speed AC motors are prime detection material…

Agree… I was reminded of this recently with some renovation work. Several new devices popping up due to new construction tools. Some of the tools the contractors are using are ID’d under existing devices that I have for similar tools (miter saw, etc.)

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