Frigidaire FAFW4100LW Washing Machine

Make: Frigidaire
Model: FAFW4011LW
How identified: identified by Sense

Additional Comments: although the spec read device can use 1,000 watts, it averages 120 watts per cycle. This is also an inverter driven motor but Sense did detect on its own. Detailed below is one cycle.

Power Specs:

Detailed View:

Daily View:

Waveform Source. iPhone App Device Power Meter

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It may only use 1000 W when it has to heat the water for a hot water cycle.

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I’ll have to check the settings or the manual @jlj.pers, the GE I replaced this one with had the sanitize option but I don’t remember seeing anything like that on this one.
Might be because I haven’t really looked. I wash towels and bedding in hot and my hot is about 135 and I’m tall and skinny so everything else hits the cold cycle or shrinks.
Thanks for the tip!