Going all-electric and getting rid of gas devices

This article in the New York Times has me thinking:

… and specifically about an aspect to a post I just did:

Referring to @markhovis73’s post here

So it makes me wonder the following

  • Is Sense any better at tracking induction cookers lately?

  • Assuming the energy generation, be it local or grid, is at least renewable, if not solar (i.e. disregarding issues of Utility power being fossil-based), beyond load shifting and cooking when the sun is shining, are there any reasonable methods to go all-electric? Cookers with super-capacitors or powered via batteries? Is anybody periodically running their induction cooker from a Powerwall? Do the embodied energy metrics of Li-ion batteries even lend themselves to such uses?

Which leads to my main question: Can Sense be used to control electrical use where, for example, you might use an induction cooker (or other device) and specifically not want that to run off of a battery and degrade it? Is anybody using IFTTT or other methods to do this for induction cookers or other devices?

There is undeniable logic to cooking when the sun is blazing and then freezing your food at night and in the dark days of winter, using the freezer as a battery!

For reference, I went here some years ago. Solar + Diesel, oh dear:



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